AMEPEX INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS Is a company based in the United States and Mexico, specializing in providing industrial materials and electrical components for a wide range of equipment, spanning from motors to starters, drives, pressure sensors, and wiring systems, among others.


Our mission is to be leaders in providing high-quality industrial materials and electrical components for a wide variety of machinery. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and reliable solutions, covering everything from motors to wiring systems and pressure sensors. We aim to be the preferred partner for industries by offering products that drive efficiency, safety, and optimal performance in their operations. We strive to maintain standards of excellence and meet the evolving needs of the market, thereby contributing to the success and sustainable growth of our customers.


Our vision is to be recognized as a benchmark in the industrial supply and electrical components industry, standing out for excellence in every aspect of our service. We aspire to be innovative leaders, anticipating market needs, and surpassing our customers' expectations. We aim to expand our range of products and services while always maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We strive to be a driver of technological advancement and cutting-edge solutions, thereby contributing to the ongoing progress and success of our industrial clients' operations both nationally and internationally.


We work with the best companies.

We stand out for offering a wide range of items from the most recognized brands in the industrial and oil sector, providing our customers with the assurance of acquiring the top products in the market.

Guaranteed quality

We offer high-quality products, verified and certified to ensure optimal performance of industrial equipment.

Variety and availability

We have a wide range of products to meet various industrial needs.

Technical advice

We'll help you make informed decisions about the materials or components that best suit your needs.

After-sales support and customer service

We offer ongoing support after purchase, providing maintenance services, warranties, and technical assistance, which are crucial to maintaining the efficiency and productivity of the operating equipment.